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There used to be a time when cruise holidays were considered to be a luxury, a privilege reserved only for the rich and famous, unless of course you were a stowaway, who eventually gets caught halfway through the trip, and ends up being forced to walk the plank! Okay, so maybe I’m thinking of a movie with pirates and parrots. I suppose it isn’t really that extreme, but basically, not everyone was fortunate enough to get a chance to experience the frills of the huge floating holiday resort.

Nowadays, you will find that there are increasingly more opportunities for just about anyone to experience the spoils of cruise entertainment. The travel market has become so competitive that it has pushed most travel agencies and cruise companies to drastically drop their prices in a promotional effort to increase their customer base, and thus making sufficient sales to stay afloat! (see what I did there?) This has in turn made cruise ticket prices a little more affordable for your average Joe.

You may not have noticed if you aren’t really tracking the cruising world, but the actual cruise liners have multiplied tremendously too. This means that there are more of them out there trying to win the hearts of all you cruisers out there.

The other factor that is quite noticeable, that has opened the doors even to families with financial struggles, is that there are a great deal of sources hosting a range of cruise contest giveaways. You don’t need to look far to come across one of these contests, you simply need to open a newspaper or a magazine, turn on the television set or just have a listen to the radio, and you could be one step closer to going on an awesome cruise getaway, for free!

Jump 100 Radio ( JUMP100.com ) wanted me to answer 3 music questions to get vouchers, I did and won 2 tickets to the Bahamas!  I’m attempting to go in October with my fiancé! If you get a call from them you’re a lucky one! They are a great example of one of these giveaways, where the listeners of this top 40 web radio station have not one, but several chances to win free tickets on an exotic cruise. If you haven’t already heard of them through your social networks, then they are worth checking out. I have seen them run contests where they have given away Caribbean cruise tickets and they are now giving away Bahamas Island cruise tickets.

It makes me wonder, how do all these guys manage to give away free tickets? Do they get them at really low prices and then pass them on as prizes. I decided to look into it, and it turns out that, well, for the station I mentioned at least, that they get sponsored by these massive cruise liner companies, who donate cabin tickets towards the prize pools. I suppose this works out well for the cruise liners, because it increases their publicity and brings in the customers.

It’s great to see that you don’t have to be rich to have a good time on a cruise, you just have to be smart, and shop around for the best deals!

Reference Link: www.JUMP100.com

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